portrait of Jim Brown, CAPS, CGRThe Brown Company Remodelers has provided quality home improvements including kitchen and bath remodels in the Greater Little Rock Arkansas area since 1981.

As President of The Brown Company Remodelers, Inc., I derive great satisfaction from creating solutions for clients.

The residential building industry is a continually evolving industry. There are wide ranges of building products and materials. Each involves specific construction principles. How these materials and products go together, work together, and stay together to provide for the American homeowner is truly challenging.

Many of the problems we see and correct each day are a result of inadequate understanding of various materials and their inter-relationships.

Whether undertaking a new remodel or correcting an existing problem, understanding principles and controlling execution is the secret of a successful, enduring home improvement project.

Successful, enduring home improvements for satisfied customers - Our company's trademark.

                                                                                                                   Jim Brown Jr., CGR, CAPS


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